First blog post

So I started this blog as a means of bettering myself, creating a new version of myself as I learn things that I never knew, as I experience new found pleasures or pain and as my life unfolds on a daily basis, it will act as an escape but also as a reminder as to how far I have come, the main idea behind it is to change myself, my thinking pattern, my negative and prejudiced views, I want to converse with people at a higher level, I don’t want to be in a conversation and think, when will this end? This person can’t teach me anything, this person is not as intelligent as I am, what is there for me to gain? Well the truth is, there always is something, you just need to listen for it. During the past year I have also fallen in love, what I would describe as “real love” for the first time in my life, this also comes with a great deal of learning and I would like to document it. I have always thought of myself as being able to write well, converse well, communicate well, the blog will also allow me to express and explore this element. Different View 2017… My first official post to follow soon…


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