In the last year I have learnt a lot…

In the last year I have learnt a lot about life… not just about how it is for me but the struggles others face on a daily basis, I’ve learnt patience that I never thought I had, I’ve felt love for the first time in 25 years, I’ve seen things that I’ve always been oblivious to, I’ve felt things that I’ve never thought I’d feel and met people that I never thought I’d meet, I’ve also had the opportunity to see things and travel to places few will have the opportunity to do.
You might think that everyone with a smile on their face is content and happy in life but the truth is very few people actually are, everyone is on a roller coaster that differs to that of the person next to them, some are lucky enough not to have to be on that roller coaster by themselves, others choose to tackle it alone, I’ve realized that living a cautious and sheltered life does not make you a stronger person but it also does not make you weak and unable to enjoy life, rather a balance of your comfort zone when you feel challenged and some time spent outside of it will teach you new things and keep you grounded to yourself. Knowing yourself comes in waves, some days you are sure of yourself, others you doubt yourself, it’s important to know that everyone feels the same doubt you feel and everyone has bad days,
Everything you are is everything you love, and somebody else will love it just as much as you do one day, but the most important thing to learn to do is embrace who you are and change something if you are not happy with it, that’s the beauty of being yourself, you can change whenever you want and its natural.

Going through life too cautiously will have you arrive at death safely, and I’ve seen this, but going through life too cautiously will leave you with regrets and I’ve always believed that it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t, barring a few scenarios. There are some guidelines which I live my life by, some are simple, some I do because I know myself and enjoy my own company. Always remember that the past cannot be changed, it’s done and obsessing over it will only ruin your present, for every failing sun there is a morning after cause after all life goes on doesn’t it? And despite everything you have been through here you are still fighting and still breathing.
You will never be able to please everyone around you, regardless of how hard you try. Kindness does not make you a weak person and its free, so feel free to pass it out, the world is an immensely ugly place, be selective who you spend your time with as most people are only in it for themselves, spending time with the wrong people will drain the energy you have left and make you doubt yourself, never spend time with someone who makes you doubt yourself. Don’t believe everything everyone says to you, people lie, everyone lies, some do it for good others do it for bad the sooner you realise this the sooner you will see who the people are who will stick by your side when everything comes crumbling down and life feels like its falling apart, when you find these people don’t let go, no matter what.
Happiness is something other people may bring out in you and make you see in yourself, but you will find true happiness inside yourself, some days it seems like it’s gone and won’t be back but it is always there, just hiding behind your fears, fear is something everyone experiences and to some it is debilitating always keep that in mind, fear is impossible to get rid of as it has been programmed into the human psyche for millions of years, those who should scare you the most are those who live without fear, as they do not realize how much they have to lose, fear keeps you grounded, therefore rather embrace fear and learn from it, what scares you the most is usually what is most important to you.
You actually know exactly what you want and what it is that you need, you just need to find a way to make it yours and keep it close to you, don’t overthink these things, you know… no one else does so trust yourself.
Being positive and staying positive isn’t always that easy but it is possible, everyone faces a challenge every day, but we all overcome those challenges and we end up stronger because of it. Time does make everything better; it has become such a clique that very few people are able to believe it, but once you have been broken and those broken bones have healed you will believe it. Never stop learning; life is so complex that nobody will experience all life has to offer so stop worrying about that, experience what you want to experience and plan for it. Not planning for it now will just make you lose focus of those goals. You will change over time as you learn more in life and there is nothing wrong with that, always stay true to your own principles though regardless of the situation you find yourself in.
Make time for your hobbies, especially the creative ones, this keeps your mind occupied and stimulated and will in turn create good energy. Your mind is a complex and difficult thing to understand from time to time, there is a cold dark room in everyone’s mind and it’s easy to end up trapped in it, I’ve been in there more than I’d like to admit, however it is just as simple to open the door that leads out of that room and find that suddenly you are in a garden filled with a kaleidoscope of your favorite colors, hobbies and people, you just need to teach yourself to open that door and choose the right room, life is all about the choices.
Remember that everything that goes around comes around, nobody is immune to this and the universe has its way of punishing those who punish others, whether it be in this life or the next. Always think about where you want to be 5 years from now, know what your goals are, what your ambitions are don’t be fearful of the future and making mistakes, everybody makes mistakes, the more of them you make the more you know and the more you learn.
Never compare your life to others, there is no victory in that, you are your own person, live your own life and don’t compare it to that of others, you have your own interests, things that make you happy and way of doing things.
There is no right time for doing something, there is only the present, and the faster you are able to start the faster you will be able to succeed as everyone has what it takes to succeed it just might take a little longer. Money will never make you happy but money gives you the opportunity to follow your dreams and to achieve dreams that you’ve always had so save and spend it on the things that matter to you and with those who matter to you, don’t be reckless with it, you never know what might happen tomorrow.
Look after your health as it is something you only miss when you no longer have it ask anyone who has a chronic condition, there is nothing they won’t for one more healthy day, exercise and eat healthy, you have so many meals left in your lifetime, don’t obsess over food eat to live don’t live to eat, learn to make the better choice, eating healthy 80% of the time is good enough and learn to enjoy the other 20% of the time. Keep in mind our bodies are fragile and sometimes you only get one chance.
One of the best things that I have taught myself to do is to control the controllables, if you have no control over a situation or aspect of your life learn not to worry and take what you cannot control one day at a time, one hour at a time if need be. This takes time to learn and be patient with yourself, everything does not happen overnight, just keep pressing on and no matter what do not quit no matter how long it takes, the only way to fail is to quit.
Life is long and now might seem like forever especially if you have goals that you would like to achieve, or somebody you would like to see every day but can’t in my case, but remember that now is a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of your life, you don’t have to have it figured out just yet, nobody else has…
“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful” so go and decide what makes it wonderful to you.


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