Marijuana… an extremely hotly debated subject in the world at the moment, some folks claim it has the potential to cure just about any disease, others have done some research on the subject and are aware of the pro’s and con’s while others are outright against the use of it.

Let me tell you about my experience…

Firstly I would like to mention that I have a very busy brain, all around the place constantly worrying, thinking, pondering, not anxious really but planning and busy though it does tend to lean toward anxious at times, in my line of work I often work with Occupational Therapists who have all commented on the fact that I have attention deficit disorder and I’m guessing they are the type of folk who would know. Now I have never been officially diagnosed with it neither do I want to cause I seem to be doing just fine and see no advantage in being medicated for it.

I have an above average IQ and therefore when I started smoking marijuana I was fearful that I would lose that it would decline and I would have memory issues never the less I smoked ahead, eventually purchasing a “herbal vaporizer” as my preferred way of consuming marijuana.

The lifestyle benefits which also lead to health benefits were phenomenal, there is a misconception around marijuana, it doesn’t change who you are… at all. What it does do is it amplifies who you are to some extent. I have always been an active person as well, I started working out after consuming some marijuana and the results were incredible. I lost around 5-6 KG’s in body fat and put on some muscle, granted the marijuana did not have anything to do with that change, this was purely due to commitment and discipline but it made it so much easier getting through a workout by allowing my mind to be at ease and somewhat enjoy the experience. It most definitely helped with concentration given the right environment and the constant stress and worry was no longer there.

Due to the fact that I am aware of my health and what I eat not giving in to the munchies was a rather difficult task, however I would allow myself some time to give in to it 20% of the time… the other 80% of the time I found myself consuming a lot of water to combat the effects of cotton mouth which is a well known side effect of marijuana and enjoying healthy food a lot more. My quality of sleep was improved and I found myself getting up each morning less tired and less “bored” with my daily routine.

Marijuana also does not lower your inhibitions as Alcohol does and it is by no means a gateway drug in my opinion, you stay the same person and you think clearly and honestly and also a bit more comically/creatively if anything. In my opinion it also makes you a much better version of yourself, kinder, gentler and more in tune to the people around you, bad vibes are easy to pick up and good one’s are intensified. The fact that you no longer sweat the small things also makes it easy to navigate big goals and hurdles you currently face in life and empathize with others in a way that you might not have know you are able to.

There are however some cons to it but the pros outweigh the bad in my opinion. I found myself to be a bit more gullible and easily believing most facts stated by others, however surround yourself with the right people and this won’t be a problem. Luckily I also only started smoking it in my mid 20’s therefore reducing the risk of it interfering with the development of my brain.

I have since quit smoking (vaping) marijuana for around 6 months due to the fact that my partner does not approve of it (even though she also used to be a regular user, its pretty complicated) and feel exactly the same as I used to, no withdrawals or physical side effects and I used to smoke daily for around 2 years. I do miss it but I miss the peace of mind that goes with it. Want to know what the only side effect is? I worry… I stress… I don’t work out anymore and I don’t enjoy my quality of life as much as I used to. Most of those reasons also due to the fact that I am in a bad relationship which once alternative living arrangements have been made will end.

I wrote this merely to point out my view on the subject and my experience consuming marijuana. It will effect every individual differently and I do not condone the use of it where it is illegal, however I see very little harm in legalizing it.


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